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Hey guys!  I am proud to announce that I have gotten the ball rolling on Bits in Multiples of 8, and that the Kick Starter for the book is officially up and running!

There is a ton of awesome rewards up for backers, like copies of the book, screen prints, as well as original art by Sam Bosma, Edwin Vazquez, and myself!!!


I have received an insane amount of artwork from people, so the book will no longer be a staple-bound zine, but instead it’s going to be a perfect bound softcover book!

Here is the list of the 60 (!) artists who have their work in the book!!!!

Andrea Kalfas
Alessa Kreger
Andrew Green
Anthony Meloro
Antoine Porcheron
Arya Mularama
Ashley Davis
Ben Ommundson
Ben Powel
Bridget Gibson
Campbell Whyte
Caroline Breault
Case Max
Christopher Schons
Christina Barrera
Craig Bowers
Dane Krams
David Parkin
Diego Garcia
Dilraj Mann
Edwin Vazquez
Gabe Swarr
Ian Turner
Irma Kniivila
Jess Worby
Jimmy Giegerich
John Cheng
Jon Wilcox
Jordan Jefferies
Josh Agerstrand
Josh Bayer
Julian Callos
Kali Ciesemier
Kelly Miller
Kyle Fewell
Lane Milburn
Laura Knetzger
Marcus Tegtmeir
Maritsa Patrinos
Michael Clayton
Michael Rapa
Nico Ecenarro
Paul Girard
Rachael Hunt
Rachel U
Randy Godawa
Robert Iza
Rodrigo Aviles
Rudolfo da Silva
Ryan Cecil Smith
Sage Einarsen
Sam Bosma
Shanti Rittgers
Tait Howard
Tony Burhouse
Trevor Henderson
Tyler Parker
William Arthur
Zac Gorman
Zach Bauer
Zack Sterling

Thanks a ton for looking at the Kickstarter, and I hope that you’d like to contribute!!!!

This! Thiiiiiiis!

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